We know you are tired of presenting and pitching tirelessly at conferences around the world – to do what?  Build your connections, customers, and funding?

We went back to the drawing board and re-evaluated these elements. We CHOSE you specifically because we believe that what you are building will change the world.

We are breaking the mold of this year’s CUBE Tech Fair, and leading by example to showcase the future.  We are assembling the top select global startups to participate in our complimentary program at CUBE Tech Fair, May 15 – 16th, 2018.


We are all about your action items!  We have prepared a tailor-made VIP journey just for you.

You will have timeslots to demo your product specifically for engaged audiences, as well as a preset minimum amount of meetings and a press roundtable.


2 hour demo
per sector


CUBE Tech Fair


One challenge
VIP meet & greet
Press roundtable


Investor meetings
Corporate meetings

Represent the future.

What you are doing will change the world. Seize the opportunity and bring your ideas into fruition. Stand with us in the heart of Berlin.

Pitching is so 2017, CUBE will introduce you to the new standard. The path is laid out for you. All you need to do is show up with and demonstrate your product and ace your pre-scheduled meetings.

Apply now

Have questions? Email us at startups@dbf.io