Mohammed Johmani

Serial Entrepreneur

Mohammed Johmani is a Serial Entrepreneur a Multi-talented, ambitious and passionate about entrepreneurship, professional at juggling the demands of managing six different businesses; Eniverse, Cary!, O2, Belong Interactive, Plotos and Space while planning for regional expansion and global reach.

Started his academic career at the Sydney University of Technology, Johmani holds Doctorate degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from Paramount California University in the US and MBA in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde. And holding professional postgraduate marketing diplomas from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

In his 25th birthday 4th December 2005 he established O2 in Dubai, then co-founded Belong Interactive, Eniverse, Cary!, Plotos and Space with a clear vision to establish a home-grown conglomerate, that will become a leading global player competing with global tycoons!

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