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15th – 16th May, Berlin

Arena Berlin, Germany


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Eran Shir

Co-Founder & CEO

Eran Shir is the co-founder and CEO of Nexar, an artificial intelligence dashcam
application that seeks to rid the world of car crashes. Nexar is a vehicle-to-vehicle
network connecting cars nearby; it can warn its users in real-time of dangerous
situations happening beyond each individual driver’s line of sight, such as issuing
a forward collision warning, effectively giving drivers more time to react.
Prior to founding Nexar at the beginning of 2015, Shir was the entrepreneur in
residence at Aleph, a Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm, where he focused on
big-data, crypto-currencies and market disruption. He also was the senior director
and head of the creative innovation center at Yahoo!, where he was responsible
for their creative advertising technologies strategy and portfolio, as well as the
development of their next generation personalized creative advertising platform.

Dr. Klaus Stöckemann

Peppermint VenturePartners
Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Klaus Stoeckemann is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Peppermint VenturePartners (PVP)
( He has more than 28 years of experience in the international healthcare
industry. Starting in the pharmaceutical industry in 1992 he worked in different leading positions at
Schering AG (now Bayer) and Asta Medica (Degussa). He moved into Venture Capital end of 1999
joining 3i where he became General Partner in the Healthcare team. He is responsible for more than
15 investments and exits. As a mentor at different accelerators as well as member of the board of
the German Association of Venture Capital (BVK) he assist to build the Start-Up and Venture Capital
ecosystem in Germany. Klaus holds a PhD in Biology and Pharmacology from the University of Mainz
as well as a MBA from WHU / Kellogg Northwestern University in the US.

Marin Livadaru

Successful senior executive with tremendous leadership and communication skills, and a consistent record of achievement in completing transactions in M&A, finance and asset management.

Marin is co-founder of, the first sharing economy of longevity related services, that uses blockchain technology to help people assure health span and well-being. co-founder, and FEIRA Group (Future Europe Investment Rating Association) CEO, pioneering innovations in different industries.

Marin is serial entrepreneur and investment manager.
Former Top Executive of MBB Group,
Founder of FC DACIA.
Founder of ​​​International Academy of Economics and Politics

​Mariano Majan

Europe Growth Team

Mariano is an Account Executive at Remix, works closely with Government and private companies on the transport sector in Europe to understand their planning processes and promote the use of technology to create more livable cities. He has a scientific background, holding a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering and has worked in public transportation projects worldwide, including cities such as Helsinki, Singapore, Bogota, or London, among others.

Liviu Babitz

Cyborg Nest

Liviu co-founded Cyborg Nest, the world’s first company to sell intelligently designed senses. The firm realized decided to embark on a path to discover more about our world, focusing on what humans cannot perceive with just their senses. Where artificial intelligence is usually crafted to make phones, cars, and homes smarter, Cyborn Nest decided to focus on making people smarter instead.

In his previous role, Liviu was the COO of Videre est Credere. He lived undercover and built covert networks technology users that documented human rights violations in places that lack access to the wider world.

David C. Woessner

Local Motors, Inc

David currently serves as the General Manager of Local Motors in National Harbor, MD. After finalizing the launch of an award-winning facility in 2016, where the world’s first self-driving, cognitive, low speed, electric shuttle, Olli, was debuted, he is now responsible for operations of the sales and demonstration facility in National Harbor, MD. His primary focus is working with local stakeholders and partners to demonstrate, pilot, and sell self-driving Ollis in the Washington, DC region and beyond. He also leads External Affairs in order to appropriately influence public policy of self-driving vehicles.

David earned his MBA and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology while serving multiple terms on the National Society of Black Engineers’ National Board of Directors. He received his BA in Physics and German from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana where he recently completed his 3-year term on the Board of the National Association of Wabash Men.

David enjoys playing soccer and basketball while also coaching youth sports, he fully embraces his German & Moroccan culture and the live, work and play model that National Harbor, MD and Detroit have to offer.

Daniel Gusev

Gauss Ventures
Managing Partner

Managing Partner of Gauss Ventures (Luxembourg) and Russian FinTech Association Expert and Fintech Envoy,

Daniel Gusev is a seasoned entrepreneur in financial services innovation space, starting and chairing several successful labs and design-driven project offices in leading banks in CEE, Europe and the UK since 2009. He is a mentor with several accelerators in the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand, reads lectures for Imperial College London Fintech Program and advises several international start-ups.

He has also contributed in various founder and executive roles to 3 startups and had experienced the joy of 1 exit.

Daniel graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in History and did postgraduate studies in Banking with Financial University



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