Ready to forge the fourth industrial revolution?

Catch the wave and win

1,000,000 €

Are you one of the most promising startups in your industry?

You want a little extra boost?

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One year. One competition. One million.

the goal

CUBE’s goal is to push the envelope on innovation. Making change and innovation happen in the industry is a tough challenge that takes knowledge, creativity, time and also courage.

No Equity. No obligations. NO STRINGS ATTACHED

If your startup is outstanding, your products are desperately needed by the industry and the best of all qualifiers, CUBE will give you one million euros in cash. The prize will give you a level of independence that will allow you to forge partnerships with the Industry more easily, without having to explain or look for funding.

How to take the challenge

Apply and get qualified.

via our partner F6S

via our partner F6S

IN Detail

The selection for participation in the CUBE Challenge will take place in several phases throughout the challenge year and across all the various Global Touchpoint events leading up to the culmination point: the finals at the Tech Fair in 2017.


Everything starts with joining the ecosystem. CUBE will check your application after you have signed up, filled out the questionnaire, possibly including recommendations, and submitted your application via our platform.


Congratulations! Your startup is outstanding and has finally qualified for the CUBE ecosystem. We will get in touch with you to get to know you better and figure out what you need to grow your business.



You are one step closer to the one million euros. We will screen your product or service and decide if you correspond to one of the four candidate types.

But still: first, you have to qualify for CUBE.

Ecosystem Candidates: up to 20 selected startups out of the CUBE Ecosystem will pitch to become finalists.

Global Touchpoint Candidates: up to 10 out of all Global Touchpoint event participants will pitch to become finalists. Participants will be invited by CUBE.

Cooperation Space Candidates: selected startups from the CUBE Ecosystem will pitch to become finalists.

Tech Fair Audience Candidate: one startup out of all TechFair participants will reach the final at Tech Fair without having to pitch.

Please see FAQs for more detailed info.


If you qualify and become either an Ecosystem Candidate or a Global Touchpoints Candidate, you get to pitch. Only a few will be selected as finalists.

If you become a Cooperation Space Candidate you also get to pitch to become a finalist.

The CUBE Tech Fair audience candidate will be voted among all startups, who purchased a ticket for the CUBE Tech Fair. So if you attend the Tech Fair, you have the opportunity to compete. Get qualified to get your ticket!

See FAQs for more detailed info.


Now you are only minutes away from getting one million euros to fund your business.

The CUBE Challenge final will be held on May 10-12, 2017. All finalists will have the option to introduce themselves to the industry as potential partners. An independent panel will determine the winner of the CUBE Challenge based on a majority vote under the supervision of a notary.


The reward

Not only are you able to win a cash prize, but you will also build connections with important industry leaders and gain in experience through the challenge.

Take the Challenge – Join CUBE now!