Challenge FAQ

CUBE Challenge

The CUBE Challenge is a competition from CUBE GmbH, Berlin (CUBE), aimed at innovative startups. The winner will receive one million euro as a cash prize without any further conditions (please refer to the explanatory notes below).

You have to sign up and apply via our platform >>>here. As soon as you have filled out the form and submitted your application, CUBE will review it carefully and come back to you as soon as possible to let you know if you are qualified or not.

Any startup around the world that qualifies for the CUBE ecosystem can take part. The prerequisite for qualifying as a startup for the CUBE ecosystem is an application in writing in English >>> here. The startup must not be dependent on any industry partners (i.e. must not be a subsidiary company of a company in the industry or represent any significant industry holding).

Your company should have products, solutions, hardware or software and/or a business model for industry digitalization: agriculture, food tech, digital health and life science; manufacturing and machinery, or infrastructure and interconnectivity.

No, it doesn’t matter if you are still working on a prototype or already have your first customers

First of all, you have to qualify for the CUBE Ecosystem. If you haven’t submitted your application to be qualified yet, you can do it >>>here. You as a startup can become one of four candidate types. Ecosystem Candidates, Global Touchpoint Candidates and Cooperation Space Candidates will be selected by CUBE. The fourth candidate type is the Tech Fair Audience Candidate and will be voted among all Tech Fair participants.

Startups will be selected from the whole CUBE ecosystem to become CUBE Ecosystem Candidates. Based on their application and particular promise, they will also be considered as potential industry partners.

A selection of companies from the CUBE ecosystem will be invited by CUBE to the Global Touchpoint Events it organizes around the world. From those invited, up to ten startups showing specific ability for cooperation with industry partners will be selected to become a CUBE Global Touchpoint Candidate.

A selection of companies from the CUBE ecosystem will be given the option to make a key presentation on a specific project,  working together with a CUBE industry partner at the CUBE Tech Fair.

The joint project and the presentation at the CUBE Tech Fair will be prepared in up to seven months from October 2016 in the CUBE cooperation space in Berlin.

Attendees who purchased a ticket for the CUBE Tech Fair, will vote which company among all participating (and qualifying) startups will become the Tech Fair Audience Candidate. The startup with the most “likes” will win the nomination and become a finalist for the CUBE Challenge Finale on May 10-12, 2017.

Yes, you must have a ticket for the CUBE Tech Fair to be able to qualify as a popular candidate. The ticket for the CUBE Tech Fair must have been purchased or obtained via another method from CUBE (e.g. via the partnership programme).

No, you can not be more than one candidate type.

Yes, qualifying for the CUBE Challenge is not dependent on purchasing a ticket for the CUBE Tech Fair, neither does purchasing a ticket increase the chances of being selected. But: there is a chance to become the Tech Fair Audience Candidate. For this, you need a ticket.

Yes, attendance at the CUBE Tech Fair at the CUBE Challenge Finale, is required to win the CUBE Challenge, as is taking part in the pitch for the CUBE Challenge Final itself.

No, the cash award of one million euro is not dependent on cooperation projects with the industry.

The CUBE Challenge Finale will take place May 10-12, 2017 at the close of the CUBE Tech Fair. All selected startups will have the option to pitch potential industry partners. An independent panel, made up of representatives of CUBE from the industry-, startup- and cooperation-partner sectors, as well as CUBE itself, will determine the winner of the CUBE Challenge, as voted by a majority and under the supervision of a notary.

Application Platform

Yes, you can. Simplay return to the Application Login to make changes.

No. As soon as you submitted your application it will be reviewed and judged by the CUBE Challenge jury.

No, you don´t have to invite “recommender”. This feature is optional.

As soon as you signed up to qualify you have the opportunity to invite up to three recommender. They will receive an inivtation to write a recommendation for you business. You will get noticed as soon as your supporter submit your recommendation.