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It happened: The 1st edition of the CUBE Tech Fair took place last week in Berlin. Stay tuned for first impressions …

CUBE is a global innovation ecosystem

CUBE connects all the dots in today’s industry: startups, institutions and key industries

CUBE bridges the gap to enable innovations to grow

To enable innovative business ideas to become disruptive technologies, CUBE brings all stakeholders together via match making and exclusive global events. As a plus, CUBE also provides work space to selected startups and key industry players to accelerate agile project development.

CUBE global touchpoints

CUBE creates business opportunities around the world – CUBE connects.

Recent global touchpoint events

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CUBE connectors network

CUBE connects through a network of high level partners

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Cube connects and showcases at the annual CUBE tech fair in Berlin.

Come check out the latest innovative industry projects at the CUBE Tech Fair in May 2017

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